Sisterhood Events

We love spending time with our sisters! A range of exciting events, both big and small, are planned throughout the academic year. Our larger events have included ice skating in the Old Port of Montreal, bowling, our annual overnight retreat, and new member retreats. Our new member retreats are always fun and interactive, with food and activities to celebrate the new members and their upcoming initiation! Smaller sisterhood events are more frequent, from movies, spa nights, photo shoots, or brunch with our “Phimilies” among many others. These events are ways for us to spend time together and bond, strengthening our sisterhood!


Our annual retreat looks a little different every year under the hard work and creative vision of our VP of Membership Education and Programming and our Director of Sisterhood. This past February we spent the weekend at a beautiful chalet in the Quebec Countryside! We had lots of activities planned, including a movie and board game night, a fun photoshoot by a lake, relaxing recreational time in the chalet’s hot tub and a traditional reflection ceremony unique to Alpha Phi, as well as so much more. The retreat is a great way to bring the chapter together, and it is a special time to refelct on how we support, uplift, and inspire each other every day.

Big Sister & Little Sister

One of our most exciting activities is our Big/Little reveal! Every new member receives a Big Sister before they are formally initiated into the chapter. This sister is a member of the chapter who connects with their Little, acting as a mentor and best friend for them. This allows new members to not only get closer to their Big, but also introduces them to more of the chapter as a whole, and is another way that we strengthen our sisterhood, especially with our newer members!