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Alpha Phi International

To quote our international website: ''The Alpha Phi history is a tapestry of our members’ stories and we must acknowledge that some of those stories have not always illustrated the high ideals of Alpha Phi. We apologize for the actions of members that have not been aligned with the ideals of Alpha Phi. Racism, hate, bigotry and violence have no place in Alpha Phi and are in complete contradiction with our purpose; we will not stand silently by as our communities and the world are impacted by violence and injustice. If we cease to support each other in pursuit of justice, equality, kindness, safety and truth, we cease to uphold the values which Alpha Phi and so many others hold dear.''

International Action and Advocacy

  • Remember that it is our own personal responsibility to take steps to educate yourself, not the responsibility of the Black community.

  • Spend time exploring your own identity and learn about your own implicit or explicit biases.

  • Be brave and explore topics that are unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Discomfort is a part of learning and developing.

  • Highlight and mark areas of interest. Dig deeper and learn the history, origins and background of topics you are not familiar with.

  • Engage in discussion with your peers, friends and family.

  • Pass on information you’ve learned or found helpful.

  • Connect with established organizations, advocacy groups and nonprofits already engaged in your community. It is important that you utilize and support existing efforts and not duplicate or create competing messages. Uplift those already doing the work in this space.

  • Connect with university partners, departments, student organizations and resources to mobilize efforts on your campus.

  • Recognize your purchasing power and how that can create change in the country. Support Black businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Start conversations with your immediate circle of influence, taking into account their level of awareness and openness to the topic. Meet them where they are.

  • Share what you learn, but make sure you are sharing for the right reasons. We should not be centering our own experiences in the sharing of information.

International Collegiate Advisory Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Alpha Phi International has established a collegiate advisory group on diversity, equity and inclusion. The group is comprised of collegiate members across the US and Canada who represent a wide range of diverse identities and perspectives. We look forward to their specific guidance, as it relates to their experience as members in our chapters.  

Please go to https://alphaphi.org/about/diversity-equity-and-inclusion/ for more information about applications and information.