Dear Parents,

Alpha Phi International Fraternity and the Kappa Zeta chapter are committed to your daughter's membership experience and lifelong success.

Alpha Phi was founded by ten of the first twenty women admitted to Syracuse University in 1872, a time in which women’s acceptance to universities was considered a social experiment. Our Founders’ vision was to create a women's organization based on sisterhood and friendship, committed to scholarship and service, a place of safety, a place to call home in their isolating environment.  At Alpha Phi, we uphold and build on the values and traditions started by these ten remarkable women. While we live in the present, our past traditions bind us all together.

Alpha Phi’s commitment to our High Ideals of Innovation and Character is demonstrated by our investment in your daughters' educational experience. Members are given the opportunity to apply to our international Scholarship program and our three-day Leadership Institute as well as more focused initiatives in the Kappa Zeta Chapter. We support your daughter's vision to excel and to be a leader in and out of the classroom. We hope to foster your daughter's creativity and drive in all aspects of her collegiate experience.


Furthermore, The bonds of friendship formed in Alpha Phi tie our members together. It is these friendships formed that lead to smiles, laughter, and ultimately, the unforgettable memories your daughter will make. In Alpha Phi, it is her members' individuality that fosters their experience - and a collection of brilliant individuals leads to the experience of a lifetime.

Anti-Hazing Policy

Alpha Phi has strict policies against hazing. As a membership organization that values the highest ideals of womanhood, we work to ensure members have a safe, positive experience in Alpha Phi. Alpha Phi international as well as the Kappa Zeta Chapter identify strongly with the concept: Real Sisters Don’t Haze. We participate in International Hazing Prevention week which is held annually on the last full week of September while also reinforcing that hazing is inexcusable every day of the year.

Watchcare is a concept that began with our Founders, who banded together to support each other for mutual growth. Watchcare has three components: the preservation of human dignity, risk management, and the development of solid values and ethics to help our members make appropriate decisions. Alpha Phi International has organized the Stand Together program to educate members on topics related to inclusivity and creating a welcoming environment. This solidifies our motto, that hand in hand we will stay safe and heart to heart we will care for one and other to grow towards our highest potential.

“We seek to aid each other through a constant watchcare always given in love.” 

- Constitution of Alpha Phi International Fraternity, Incorporated, Article II

Parent Newsletter

Our parents/parental figures have been such a huge part of our lives and although we have begun a new chapter at McGill we feel it is important to continue sharing our personal growth with them. Our Parent Newsletter is a way for members to share our sisterhood with their parents. To share our new friendships, upcoming or past events, chapter success, and to introduce parents to the many ways Alpha Phi cares for our members safety. Alpha Phi’s positive mission and strong values are embodied by each and every sister, this newsletter encourages parents to follow our chapters progress, and to interact with the sorority via social media with the aim of participating in and sharing something that their daughter finds important and valuable for her growth.

Alumnae Initiation

If you are a mother, aunt, sister, or friend of a collegiate Alpha Phi and are interested in this unique opportunity, please contact us at mcgillalphaphi@gmail.com.  Additionally, Alpha Phi has a special program by which mothers of new collegiate members may be initiated along with their daughters.

If you would like to find out more about Alumnae life, see our Alumnae page.