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Scholarship is one of the most important values of Alpha Phi.  We know that women attend university first for an education, and Alpha Phi supports them in their academic pursuits.  McGill Alpha Phis not only excel in the classroom individually, but, as a chapter, we strive to maintain a high GPA. Our goal is to help each member reach their fullest academic potential in a supportive and rewarding way.  We hold regular study hours, and our members are always helping one another in their studies.

Alpha Phi’s Founders established a legacy of support for women and education at a time when most women did not have access to academic opportunity. Of Alpha Phi’s ten Founders, three were among the first women to be admitted to Phi Beta Kappa in 1875.

Last year, The Alpha Phi Foundation awarded over $277,000 in scholarships, to 22 graduate and 46 undergraduate members.

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