Sisterhood is one of Alpha Phi's High Ideals of Membership.

At Alpha Phi, we believe the bonds of sisterhood are something that can never be broken. As a sister of Alpha Phi, you are a member of an international group of sisters that become your “forever” friends and family. Alpha Phi is a group of women with each member contributing her own unique perspective and personality. We constantly learn from one another and encourage each other to grow. Each semester, in order to celebrate and strengthen the ties as sisters, Alpha Phis participate in a series of fun and exciting events such as sisterhood retreats, social events, formals, and so much more.


“Joining Alpha Phi has been such an exciting journey. From the first day of recruitment I felt a feeling of love, support and genuineness that has only grown since joining. Being surrounded by inspiring and intelligent yet down-to-earth young women is helping me grow into the woman I hope to become. The feeling of care and love I already feel from my sisters is amazing, whether it’s just grabbing coffee and studying or exploring Montreal, I always feel like I have a sister to be there with me. For me, home is not a place but a feeling, and that feeling is with my sisters at Alpha Phi.”


Olivia Smith

Pledge Class ’18

“Before starting at McGill, I didn’t know much about Greek life, but when I learned about Alpha Phi's values and beliefs, I felt like someone made a list of my own and read it back to me. I felt as though I had found myself in Alpha Phi. I found a group of sisters who shared the same ideals: woman empowerment, academics, friendship, loyalty, and the promise to better ourselves and to encourage each other to strive for the same.  The tight knit community in Alpha Phi has supported me not only in times of stress with school, but in my personal life and has played a pivotal role in my own development as a woman. It has been a home for me to laugh, to cry, and to turn to in times of need or celebration. I know my sisters love and respect me for who I am and I have never been prouder to call myself a sister of Alpha Phi.”


Taylor Fitzpatrick

Pledge Class ’17